How does Brannen and Partners value your property?

How does Brannen and Partners value your property?

Although it’s possible to get a rough valuation of your property online, the only way to get an accurate valuation is for an estate agent to come to your home. 

The BIG factors (and those that an online valuation can consider) are:

  • Location
  • Size 
  • Local prices

However, it’s the UNIQUE factors about your home and situation that really require a local property expert to view and make a more specific valuation. 

The things that Brannen’s would take into consideration in this respect would be in relation to two aspects:

Your Home

We’ll consider the condition of your home, extensions and adaptations, and the quality of the work carried out. The calibre of fixtures and fittings also makes a difference. Buyers are interested in double glazing, insulation and other structural features too. The scope for improvement is also a factor. 

There are also aspects unique to our area such as period features that make a difference to valuations. At the coast we have a beautiful array of Victorian Terraces and Upper Tyneside flats. Those that have original features, such as deep skirting boards, ceiling roses and picture rails will often be valued at a higher price than those without. 

The Situation of Your Home

South and West facing back gardens can command a higher price due to the afternoon and evening sun hitting for longer. Other aspects such as the proximity to good schools and metro stations, and how busy a road is, can also make a difference. At the coast the distance from our beaches is also influential. 

Ultimately, the asking price of the home will be determined by a combination of all these factors together with the knowledge of how the local market is behaving at the time of valuation. This takes into consideration current demand, recent selling prices, how long it’s taking to find a buyer, and what the seller’s main aim is. By drawing on available data such as sold prices, it is possible to get a fairly good idea of what the property may be worth. But because homes are as unique as the people who own them, there will always be variables that even all the data in the world would not pick up on.

One final and very important point is that an experienced estate agent with strong knowledge of the local market will be able to advise you of what you can do to increase the value of your home, and can work with you to decide what your property should be put on the market for.  They will give you a valuation, but the final decision of what to put it on the market for might depend on whether the seller wants a quick sale or the highest price possible.  

If you’d like to get your home valued with one of our experienced coastal specialists, please get in touch with Brannen and Partners on 0191 257 8484.

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