Links Court (Whitley Bay) Limited Option Form

This is a request for renewal - your agreement will be forwarded at a later date once confirmed by your landlord.

Please be aware this is a fixed term tenancy and notice to vacate can only be given one month prior to the end of the tenancy term and not any time during the fixed term.

Tenancy requests of more than 12 months will not be granted in the current economic climate.

(Please note that tenants have no security of tenure under this type of Agreement.)

(This will be reviewed at 3 months, your Landlord does not permit longterm Periodic Tenancies.)

If you wish to have another person added to your Tenancy Agreement as a Permitted Occupier or withdrawn from the Tenancy Aggreement please enter the details below.

(All tenants must email to submit written notice)

It is vital that we have a forwarding address to finalise all legalities.

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